You've overslept your stop, not an uncommon experience for a college student. However, this time things seem a little different. Loosely based on a local ghost story.

Terminus is a short 2D atmospheric horror game brought to you by a subgroup of Hide The Pain Studios (not a real studio), the two half dead programmers who love watching horror movies.

Game created for the Scream Jam 2021. All art and code drawn and written during the 10 days of jam, contributing to the brevity of the game.

Code Monkeys

Art Monkeys

  • Exso: character sprites + animation, title screen, background layout
  • Kyraphus: background lineart + colour, items, lighting

SFX + Music

  • "Art of Silence - by Uniq" is under a Creative Commons license (Creative Commons โ€“ International Recognition 4.0 โ€“ CC BY 4.0)
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorsHide the Pain Studios, Exsomni, Kyraphus
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Hand-drawn, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short


Download 54 MB
Download 64 MB


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A very cool short horror game
I like it!

Thanks for the game! it was really surprising and short still delivered! also i love the artwork! 


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Trick or Treat๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Choose carefully...


Hey good game! I rly love the atmosphere and the art is really great :-)

Only a question, when the monster appear, what exactly I have to do? 

Thanks, my congratulations for the game!


i got very confused after i exited the train

Deleted 1 year ago

Code monkey is a pretty common term both in game design and IT in general. Art Monkey is a play on this that as also increased in popularity. Though it sometimes has connotations of being low skilled, there is no history of racism in the phrase :)

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These days half of everyone, wants to turn everything into a race issue. It's utterly ridiculous. They look a fool!


I am sorry but anyone inside the industry would never even begin to take the idea of calling someone their Code or Art monkey as even remotely racist. It is rather immature of you to assume that it could even be such.


I would venture to say it's more than immature, try idiotic.

Playing 10 Horror Games on 

Really nice game! But the parallax of the yellow rails (where you find the scissors) makes me sick on my stomach. I think it's because the movement is unnatural, things closer to the camera should move faster, so since the rails are closer than the character it should move faster than him, not slower.


Thanks for catching that, actually I've been having a bit of a thonk about the parallax in terms of the movement being a bit weird. We will def need to tweak it after the jam. 

its cool but i keep getting stuck on things, maybe making things a little more obvious would help?


Very creepy game

what do i do after getting the pliers

you probably figured it out, but you go back in the train and use them on the old purse

is there a way to open the inventory? ive picked them up but when i click on the purse its the same text 

hit "b"

Great game mate.

well i didn't get far just after the body fall sound bu i liked it ^w^